Privacy Statement

This Policy was last amended January 17, 2017
  1. Information Collected by Rocketplane Global LLC Web Site
    1. General: Rocketplane Global LLC ("Rocketplane Global LLC" “Rocketplane” or "we") understands the sensitivity of personal information. Our business is dependent on your trust. Therefore, we take several steps, described in this Website Privacy Policy (the "Policy"), to protect your personal information. Rocketplane collects some information from its visitors and customers in order to regulate the restricted sections of the website and to allow interested parties to learn more about Rocketplane’s services. Below is a list of common forms of information collected by websites and how Rocketplane specifically deals with each form.
    2. System Logging: Rocketplane does not track anonymous users of the website. Customers wishing to view the restricted portions of the website must log in. We will track individuals with this information for the purpose of allowing access to restricted web pages and recording data.
    3. Internet Addresses: Rocketplane does not collect IP addresses for any purpose and will not use IP addresses to identify someone unless required by a security breach.
    4. Use of Cookies: Rocketplane may use session cookies for visitors to our website. A session cookie is a temporary file stored in a web browser that is deleted when it either expires or the browser is closed. No personal information is stored in a session cookie. Some features of this website may not function properly without session cookies being enabled.
    5. Restricted Web Site Information: In order to grant access to restricted portions of the website, collects contact, username, and password information from its customers. Rocketplane houses a database of this information. The database collects its information via forms on the Web. It contains the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, medical and other personal information usernames, and passwords of Rocketplane's customers for the express and only purpose of verification, contact concerning program involvement and flight status, and granting access to restricted areas of the website.
    6. Application to Web Site: This Policy applies only to information gathers directly through its website. The Policy does not apply to information Rocketplane obtains in any other way.

  2. Newsletter Collection Information
    Rocketplane's electronic newsletter “The Navigator” and other specific newsletter programs are subscription-based newsletters. Subscribers submit their e-mail addresses to Rocketplane for the express and only purpose of receiving the newsletter. These addresses are collected either through a form on the website or an option in Rocketplane’s database manager.

  3. Customer Survey Collection Information
    In order to comply with various grants that make Rocketplane’s services available to many of our customers, Rocketplane needs to collect demographic information from its customers. The type of information may vary and may include feedback surveys based on customers’ experiences with Rocketplane’s services, training, and space flight experience.

  4. Purchases Made Online
    Rocketplane sells various products through its website. We know security is important when ordering online. We take active steps to ensure the security of information you provide to us, including using secure server pages to help ensure that data is safely encrypted.

  5. How We Disclose Your Information
    1. Rocketplane understands that your personal information is sensitive and confidential. We limit voluntary disclosures of your personal information to those that help provide you with products and services (for example, sending an e-mail to you about information you requested) that are reasonably necessary for our business transactions (for example, providing information to a subcontractor who performs services on our behalf), or that are required by law (for example, pursuant to a court-approved subpoena).
    2. b. Rocketplane takes steps to ensure that no accidental or involuntary disclosures of personal information occur. For example, we use software to electronically protect personal information. We also train our employees on our privacy practices.

  6. Right to Modify, Amend or Terminate
    Rocketplane intends to comply with this Policy for the indefinite future. However, we reserve the right to modify, amend or terminate this Policy. We also reserve the right to apply any such change retroactively to information we hold, regardless of the terms of the Policy in existence at the time we collected the information.