The Rocketplane XP will take off from the runway at the Spaceport, taking off just like a conventional business jet. The XP will take off using J-85 jet engines, and climb for about 15 minutes, to an altitude of 40,000 feet. At this point, your pilot will flip a switch to ignite the powerful rocket engine, pulling up into a nearly vertical climb. The rocket engine burns for approximately 70 seconds, accelerating the XP to more than 3500 feet per second.

As the engines cut off, you will feel the sensation of weightlessness as the vehicle soars into space. Out the window is a spectacular view of Earth, a view only a small, select group of people have ever seen.

Within minutes, you begin the descent. Under the load of several Gs pushing you down into your seat, you are on the roller coaster ride of all time. The XPís specially designed thermal protection system safely transfers away the heat re-entry, slowing your descent.

As the Rocketplane XP slows and enters the lower atmosphere, the pilot restarts the jet engines and begins the final leg of the flight back to the spaceport and a conventional runway landing.

You return to our Spaceport and are greeted by family and friends eager to hear about your experience.